About Wholesale Bottled Water

About Us

Wholesale Bottled Water provides the UK with well priced bottled water, delivered anywhere, at anytime.

Why Use Wholesalebottledwater.co.uk ?

Contact us at info@wholesalebottledwater.co.uk and ask us for a price. Then compare our price with other bottled water wholesale companies. At this point you’ll see why our clients buy from us.


 How do We Keep the Cost of Wholesale Bottled Water Low?

We negotiate with various UK bottled water manufactures/producers each day to ensure that we are buying our wholesale bottled water stock for the best possible price. The cost savings we make at the buying stage, along with our relentless drive to keep our overheads to a minimum, means that we provide our clients with a cost effective wholesale bottled water product.                                                                             Buying water for the best price is only half the story. We use contract warehousing and to safely store our wholesale bottles water in the right conditions and at the correct temperature. We regularly audit and price compare these facilities to make sure we get the best possible value for money. By only sending full pallets of wholesale bottled water to our clients we maximise the our logistics efficiency, resulting in a low cost per bottle.